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MAC announces change in membership dues structure

 | Published on 3/24/2021

The MAC Board of Directors, as part of its efforts to enhance the member experience, made the decision to restructure MAC’s membership dues effective later this year. 

In this new model, membership will be open to anyone within your organization as part of your standard organizational membership, with no additional per person fees. This back-to-basics dues model is your chance to welcome more of your team to a MAC membership and all its benefits. 

By simplifying the membership structure, MAC can provide members with better service at lower cost and renew our focus on MAC’s educational mission. It provides MAC volunteers and staff more time to focus on creating educational experiences and resources that further grow the value of membership.

As an additional benefit, MAC will remain one of the lowest cost nonprofit trade associations, according to benchmarks provided by the American Society of Association Executives. Minimizing the financial impact was a top priority for the MAC Board of Directors, and the new model will keep MAC in the top 10% of most affordable trade associations.

To enable this change, and introduce other new member-only benefits, MAC will unveil a new website this Spring. The new site will bring greater opportunities for members to network, share, and engage with other members. The new site also establishes a platform for MAC to expand benefits for all members, including new educational and volunteer leadership opportunities.

We look forward to continuing to provide members with great education as MAC creates its next stage of impact in the payments ecosystem.  Please continue to read MAC Dispatch and watch for MAC emails for more updates and details on these exciting changes over the next few months.