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MAC’s Webinar: 10 Merchant Red Flags to Spot Before Boarding.

 | Published on 2/23/2021

Join us for our next webinar on Thursday, Feb. 25. 

In this practical webinar, we’ll highlight “problematic” through real-world case examples illustrating the telltale signs that you’re dealing with a potential bad actor or high-risk merchant.

Learning Objectives:

  • Better identify high-risk and undesirable merchants before boarding

  • Map your risk tolerance to underwriting rules, scoring, and decisioning policies

  • Optimize your KYC data and processes for faster and more effective underwriting

  • Understand how speed and automation affect KYC accuracy and effectiveness

  • Enable boarding recommendations to identify “green flag” merchants for auto-approval

MAC Webinars earn ETA CPP Continuing Education (CE) Credits at one credit rate per 50 minutes of electronic transactions industry-related session time, including questions and answers.

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